Jan C. Behmann

Jan C. Behmann is the managing director and founder of medicteach GmbH.


Born in 1985 in Hanover, he began his professional experience in the emergency medical services as a volunteer at an aid organization when he was fifteen. After finishing school, he completed training as a advanced paramedic and worked full-time on ambulances (MICU) in various large cities, including at Frankfurt Airport, most recently as a team leader.


In 2007 he founded his company medicteach as a part-time job, which he has been running since 2010 full-time and continues to manage it today. He is a certified first aid trainer, certified health & safety advisor, certified fire protection officer. He advises international corporations, law firms and consulting firms on issues of emergency management, occupational safety and first aid; partly he reports to board level. Since 2010 medicteach GmbH is the holder of the authorization for the training and further education of first aiders by the employers' liability insurance association (DGUV).


Since 2006 he has also been working as a journalist and author. He published several specialist books and book participations as well as a large number of specialist articles. In 2013 he presented his own first aid textbook, which was recognized by the employers' liability insurance association as a participant document for adult and child emergencies. The work is in its fourth edition with almost ten thousand copies.


As a freelance author, he writes for the weekly newspaper DER FREITAG in the fields of literature and literary life. He interviewed the Nobel Prize Laureate Peter Handke, Eva Demski, Rolf Dobelli and Andreas Maier, among others. So far he has written more than hundred glosses for the newspaper, to which Peter Handke attested a "dear grace, a free vibration".


Jan C. Behmann lives and works in Mühlheim am Main near Frankfurt.

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